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From his studio located in Los Angeles, CA, Andrew has provided music for over 40 shorts, small documentaries, and ads including Panasonic, Sony, Lenovo, Google, and Nike.  Recent credits include the award winning short films 'The Broken Camera', and 'Present Trauma', as well as the feature length film 'Piloto.'  andrew composed and produced an extended version of Hozier's 'arsonist's lullabye' for netflix's 'marco polo'  and was composer for the seUMAS MCNally grand prize winning game, 'outer wilds' at the 2015 independent games festival.

 andrew often collaborates with composer mark petrie.  His guitar soundscapes were implemented into the orchestral score for Madden 2015.  over the past year, their compositions have gained great momentum - with over 1 million plays on youtube in the first 6 months of 2015, and receiving placements in campaigns for call of duty: Advanced Warfare, Fifa 2015, lego, dawn of the planet of the apes, earth to echo, the leftovers, and the academy award nominated motion picture, selma. 

Andrew worked, engineered, and played trumpet on The Legend of Korra (2010-2014) and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2010-2014).  He also worked for John Powell while completing his graduate studies at the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television (SMPTV) program at the University of Southern California.


Below are soundtracks and collections:

A playlist of trailer music from my collaborations with Mark Petrie:
A playlist of selections from my solo composed trailer music:







Glass Trees (2014)


Custom score written for Lenovo. Note: Music was dubbed in mono, please reference the stereo master below. 


Custom score written for Nike - short documentary


Custom score written for G-Cluster promo film.


Marco Polo

Wrote and produced an extended version of 

Hozier's 'Arsonist's Lullabye



Custom score for a short documentary by Ryan Malloy.


Lamp of the covenant: dave lane

Custom score written for the Contemporary Jewish Museum.


Custom Score written for Panasonic - Capture the Sound commercial.


Music Licensed for Evolve - Turtle Rock Studios/2K Games

NHK: Space

Custom score written for NHK Japan



Custom version 'Life in Mono' and custom scoring for Google


NHK: Maigo

Custom Score written for NHK

FILM Projects

Music Prep, Digital Orch.

Music Prep, Digital Orch.


Aglaea / dir. Sarah Scialli
Monogamish / dir. William Hendricks
The Gamer / dir. Matthew Nyquist
Feast of Fury / dir. Dugan O'Neal
Everything is Going To Be Fine / dir. Ryan Malloy
Modulating Architecture / dir. Scott Pagano
Moonswept / dir. Michelle Lin
Mira's Night / dir. Elyse Kelly
Dirty Work / dir. Rebecca Goldstein
The Secret Map of LA / dir. Xiaohua Xie and Lilith Pan
Bumpford and Bonet / dir. Kelsey Lynne Payne
Return / dir. Maury Shesel
Forward / dir. Fred Park
Echo of Silence / dir. Poly Gorbacheva
Cut / dir. Ayanna Qadeem
Plasticity / dir. Ryan Malloy
Megan / dir. MD Neely
Grace / MD Neely
Influence / dir. MD Neely
Endurance / dir. MD Neely
Final Countdown / dir. Joshua Hsieh
Five Bucks 'Till Friday / dir. Zach Hammill



-Digital Orch


-Music Prep     


-Additional  Music            

-Digital Orch.   

-Music Prep



Additional Music, Guitarist, Rock Production


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